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Our dedicated partners have been chosen to provide the most effective and suitable solutions to our clients and their employees.

Payroll Bottom Line &
Employee Cash Flow

A FinTech backed and FDIC insured payroll partner solution that benefits employers and employees, providing convenient and secure access to earned wages anytime.
Employer Advantage

✓ Lower Operational Expenses

✓ No Cost To Employer

✓ No Risk

✓ Effortless Implementation - Dedicated Service

✓ Compatible with all major payroll providers

Employee Advantage

✓ Everyday Payments

✓ Access money when needed

✓ Zero-cost Digita Account

✓ No credit Check

✓ FDIC insured

✓ Smartphone App

✓ Access of up to 50% of pay before Payday​

✓ No overdraft fees​

Digital Banking

✓ Pay Any-Day

✓ Visa® Debit Card

✓ Worldwide ATM Access

✓ Bill Pay

✓ Send Money

✓ 24/7 Customer Service


✓ Instant New Hire Activation

✓ PayCards: On-site cards & inventory controls

✓ Available for all employees: Age 16 and over

✓ Up to 100% employee acceptance: No credit check

✓ Significant Reduction / Elimination of paper checks

✓ Integration Process: Superior Data & Proprietary Algorithm

✓ Employee Retention and Recruitment Tool

✓ Embedded Pay Any-Day Feature

Coming Soon

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