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nu_pr [new power]

The gravitational battery house

A system built to store renewable energy in homes. Indefinitely.


Inspired by Isaac Newton's discovery of gravitational force, green energy, like solar, wind and water, supplies power to motors that elevate weights. When green energy is not available, the weights are lowered to release the stored power.

A.I. smart-home technology manages the home's load distribution and power readiness.

  • How much electricity can the system provide?
    nuper is scalable to allow for the right amount of electricity output in relation to the power requirements of the house. For this to work, the energy consumption of the house is designed and controlled in the most effective manner possible.
  • How much does the system cost?
    The cost of the system components are offset by savings in smart building technologies, like 3D printing and pre-fabricated elements, which save on material and labor.
  • What is the economic benefit of a "nupr house"?
    Our goal is to build a superior home that is highly energy efficient. A Home that produces and stores its own power indefinitely. All the same or less cost as a traditional house.
  • Can nupr be installed in an existing house?
    Yes. However, this may be substantially less cost effective, subject to any necessary modifications.
  • How can I work with nupr?
    We are currently looking for founding partners with the following background and skills: - Electrical Engineers - Mechanical Engineers - Concept Architects - Developers If you are interested in working with us at the concept stage of nupr, please send us a request to:
  • Can I invest in nupr?
    nupr is in the vision and concept development phase and we are welcoming early stage investors. For further information, please contact us at We look forward to speaking with you.

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